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Our History

Wear a piece of history.

We all have our own story to tell and Gpa2po is there for you, for all those who wish to assert their identity, values and culture with style.

A French know-how, unique, put at your service, with original products with unique designs.

Gpa2po is committed to respecting the environment and sustainable practices and strives for excellence in everything it does. All items in the store have an ethical origin imprint.

- Also, all our textiles are made with 100% organic cotton from responsible agriculture (grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers), without harming the soil or water resources, while producing quality products that you, our customers, will love!
-All our jewelry is handcrafted and custom-made, made with care and attention to detail: Quality work.
-All our watches are entirely handmade to guarantee reliability and high quality, using natural materials such as wood which has been taxed for its durability over time.


We believe in the power of our products and how they can change your life. Our goal is to provide you with a clean and sustainable chain from design to delivery. That's why each product is given special attention by being manufactured only at the time of your order, and never through a stock that pollutes or consumes too much energy on its own (water, electricity...) - how could it be otherwise?

Your life is your story, let us help you write it!

We are changing the world, one item at a time.

Each product has been carefully selected by our team to give you the best possible shopping experience.

So when you buy from us, you are not only buying fashionable items that reflect your personality, you are also being environmentally responsible and helping to protect our planet!
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Gpa2po is committed

Since its creation, our company has been founded on the principles of equity and fraternity.
We felt the need for our store to be more committed and to carry these values high.

We are therefore proud to announce that since January, for each product sold, we donate 1€ to associations fighting against racism and inequality in order to help them continue their work for equity!

Thank you, dear customers! Without your support, this project would be impossible.
We are very grateful for your commitment to us.

So what exactly is Gpa2po?

One word, more than one meaning. It's up to you to see what you want.
Gpa2po? I have no skin? I don't have a pot? I don't have a pau?

"I have no skin"?

- Putting on an identity, an armor or simply hiding things?
- Loss of identity ?
- Quest for identity ?
- Refusal to be categorized according to one's skin, one's sex?
- I am above all a human, like you. It is not my skin or my sex that you must see first...

"I'm not lucky?
- Bad luck. Because in life we all have problems, to different degrees, but we are all out of luck?
- A feeling of injustice?
- Inequality?...

"I don't have a pau"? (a pau is a stick, a cane)
- I am a pacifist?
- I am not a danger?
- I don't want to hurt anyone?

What defines you? Is it your race or gender that defines who you are as an individual? Affirming one's identity, one's values, one's culture, or even what one likes, is the very basis of our identity, of everyone's identity.
We should fight against all forms (or conditions) of injustice, including inequality between individuals, which makes many people feel that they have no chance. That you don't have the right skin color or family background to get ahead more easily than others.


These people who have changed the face of the world, are imprinted with the identity that each one of us has today. Affirming and displaying who we are, gives us all our originality, our uniqueness, and that is what we strive to do and offer you.

"When it comes to equality... maybe this world needs more diversity in terms of gender and racial identity... That society accepts everyone for their individual imperfections rather than focusing all the attention on those flaws."

Because if it's hard to know where you come from; You might as well know where you're going!

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